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John David is a publisher of self-help guides and consumer information materials, in electronic and other formats.

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-My writing style is direct and honest--I don't pull punches or write as if I am getting paid by the word. My goals as a writer are to educate, amuse, engage, and entertain the reader. Your comments and fair reviews of my work are always welcome.

-Special pricing on all my work, now through the end of 2012.

-"Pwning N00bs - The PC Gamer's Guide to Hardware, Strategy, and Tactics" is available in Kindle and paperback versions now, and will be in audiobook by 10/01/12. The paperback makes a great holiday gift for the gamer in your life.

-The "Essays for the 99% - The Collection - Class Warfare" is available in audiobook at last! Listen to the preview on the sales page.

-I wrote "Ten Questions" to help people! I wanted folks to have this information, not so that they can "beat" the system, but so that they can play the game fairly, because they know the rules. The long-awaited AUDIOBOOK version of "Ten Questions" is available now!

-Be sure to check my website ( for promotions and giveaway offers. Enter to win a free paperback copy of the "Essays for the 99%" through the end of September.

-I appreciate your support!